Adventures in setting up WordPress

Try writing a welcome to me blog post. Write about how the experience of setting it up went, if it feels like it represents something interesting. Make sure you use one of the categories you created from the box in lower right to associate it with the ones you set up. Try adding an image to your post as well.

Setting Up Your Digital Work Space.

Setting up WordPress was interesting to say the least. I have always seen people blogging using the website but never had the nerve to try it myself. Also I hadn’t decided that I had anything worthwhile to write about or the time to do it. Well that all changed once this class started and it is a requirement.
Thank god there were steps outlined and tips on what to do as I got lost a few times. (Great how to video Allen posted helped me a lot.) That is odd considering I am very technology literate and can figure things out quickly. I had a hard time finding my dashboard to get to all the other settings but played around and finally found it. I think once I did that the rest just fell into place. I hope folks enjoy what I am writing and I get a lot out of this experience.
If I can climb Mount Kilimanjaro I can master this as well!

Photo of Clayton on Mt Kilimanajaro

Made it to the top!


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4 responses to “Adventures in setting up WordPress”

  1. CogDog says :

    I agree on your last assertion; if you can climb a mountain there are many things you can do. I am liking your choice of blog name and theming– trying to place the peaks in your header image– Colorado Springs? Looks like granite peaks to me (I am a former geologist).

    You are well on your way, and in a few weeks, this will seem like a flat hike.

    • ctwilker says :

      Wow you are good! That is Colorado Springs’ Garden of the Gods. I did not go to the top of the mountain in Colorado Springs, these formations is as far as I went. Too long of a drive to make it all the way to the top.

      • CogDog says :

        A somewhat lucky semi-educated guess… could have been in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Montana… I was at Garden of the Gods only once but it does leave a visual impression!

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