Phew! That week 1 sure hits you like a sledge hammer.

Wow what a week! I will not lie and say I knew this class would test me right off the bat and really get us thinking. I must say that Allen set the tone with his first video blog and I knew this would be nothing like I have done before. Not to mention the addition of a wordpress blog was a source of fear but I got the hang of it.
Just picking the title for my blog and tagline seemed like a never ending task of me thinking and rethinking through what to call something I have not even started. But I feel it worked well because everything about my first blog post was an adventure. So it was fitting I named my first blog post “Adventures in setting up WordPress “ because it started out as the wild west! Slowly I tamed it and make progress.

Thinking through stories with a formula really made sense to me. I found the desire to figure out the shape of countless stories now or consider it when I see a new one. Taking themes or concepts that work for stories and blogging about it was a great exercise. Since I am so busy with school I choose Frozen for my story that I would categorize using the new concepts I just learned (Vonnegut shape, 22 Pixar Rules, and Story Spine). Don’t believe me? Well take a look at “ This story shape won’t leave you Frozen” and you judge. I feel I got a lot out of the concepts and already can apply them to the world around me.

Next having to think about storytelling and what makes a good story made me smile. Mostly because I was remembering both my Father and Grandmother’s great ability to tell a story and keep the audience engaged. Sometimes with my Father is just a simple joke but the outcome is always the same; someone paying attention. Okay sometimes it is me rolling my eyes and walking away but I promise that is only if I have heard the joke a million times and know someone will laugh which will goat him for more stories! Thus having a good foundation of what makes a story and personal experience should help me a lot. I already feel like I can do some of it but have a lot to learn. Check out my “What’s your storying telling got to do with me?

Have you ever had someone ask you a question and before they did you could name a million things that come to mind? Yeah, that was me trying to think of something that is not done well that could benefit from a story. It was not until I was on the bus headed to the metro that it hit me. I was not always so good at figuring out the bus system and honestly it was all the technology advances and apps that finally made me feel comfortable. However, not everyone has an app or the patience to figure out the horrible maps. That issue makes me think a story could really help. So my blog “Wondering how to use the DC bus system? That reminds me of a story…” is my first thought at what my final project may be for this class.

Again I am excited and think there is a lot to learn in this class. I know now why it could help me in my job because training can be boring, why not jazz it up!


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6 responses to “Phew! That week 1 sure hits you like a sledge hammer.”

  1. mdvfunes says :

    I really feel the excitement in your summary. It is lovely for us who have been around DS106 for a while to see new people find it and see its potential. Welcome and look forward to you many adventures.

  2. John Johnston says :

    Finding WordPress tough? Your titles tell a different story:-) I am enjoying the stories you are weaving round them.

  3. CogDog says :

    This is exactly the kind of summary I look for; it shows your re-processing the individual assignments, and shows that you are thinking about the work you are doing.

    Plus you have a catchy title.

    Hopefully as you proceed with this as a writing space the mechanics of it may fade to the background. The next phase will involve embedding more media directly into your posts, and doing some more work soon with creating your own.

    Thanks for the enthusiasm- the best suggestions past students make are to stretch out the work during the week, which I realize may be a challenge with a work situation.

  4. ctwilker says :

    Thank you John! I find my creative side comes out in one liners and a title is just another ‘one liner’ that ties it all together. Also thanks mdvfunes.

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