Okay but did you hear that story about…

So my first idea for a story around using the bus to get around the city seems like it might be a good option. Now my second idea is doing performance reviews for work. Everyone at work is feeling my pain and it got me to thinking that I have told folks some of my tips and tricks a lot over the last month. Maybe there is a story that could be told from the perspective of the career counselor getting ready to advocate for your counselee on the year end call. So you could take fictional characters that match the high performer, middle performer, and low performer and what you need to do for each character to get ready. You could take it from a system process to the people process and weave in the tips and tricks. I would stress the items you must collect to get ready and what you need to be sure you complete.
Man giving feedback



6 responses to “Okay but did you hear that story about…”

  1. cew5x says :

    The performance review topic is also intriguing…since we are in full swing with that right now, and have been attending the calls talking about year end reviews, etc. there is very much room for improvement in getting the information across in an engaging, low-stress way. Like the bus idea, it’s also a journey or scavenger hunt even. Throughout the year you have to collect things (like project experience and firm initiatives) and then document them (more story telling!), all to bring your case before the infamous consensus panel!

  2. CogDog says :

    This seems very ripe; I’ve encountered few people who look forward to performance reviews with the sense of excitement they do to the release of a new movie or the next episode of the latest binge TV series.

    It’s the ultimate reality show, it’s real! I take you are thinking of introducing a number of perspectives for both the reviewer/ reviewee? Or maybe a branching story, a la Choose Your Own Performance Review story?

    Anyhow, this is exactly what I was hoping to see, just floating one idea each week. Keep at it.

    • ctwilker says :

      Yes I was thinking the reviewer and reviewee could be good stories to tell. And have different profiles and what helps them accomplish it all.

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