Do not throw your remote! Let’s talk about it…

Okay so there is a thought what could be a story that I think all people struggle with when trying to watch TV, the remote. Think about it! It is almost as complicated as a bus or performance reviews! We get a tv, a dvd player, game systems, apple tv, audio equipment and then try to pull them together with one remote. But do we really understand how to control it or even tell our friends? What if we had a story that could have profiles of what they wanted to do and how to do it with our remotes. You could simplify the mystery and make it a fun story that they could assume a character in to get the system they wanted. You want to play a game? Great I have a story about a teenager that wants to play xbox and the steps he takes to get it accomplished. Want to watch netflix? Great let’s talk about the story about Mom who loves movies.

Universal Remote

Universal Remote


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6 responses to “Do not throw your remote! Let’s talk about it…”

  1. cew5x says :

    I think this is a worthy idea. Our household actually has the programmed remote that we know how to use, but then again we also have two pages of typed instructions for houseguests and the house sitter, so I know this problem exists! Using different viewer profiles could be an interesting way of walking the audience through different functionality. One could also do it from the point of the media, e.g., “I’m all the music stuck on your phone that you never listen to on your stereo”.

  2. CogDog says :

    A good sign of a topic like this is if it often needs instruction manual, then the design may not be great.

    It is a question though- how would the stories help? When would you encounter them? Are you suggesting maybe a remote that could learn the habits of people who used it, and adjust the interface/options from there?

    • ctwilker says :

      I think the stories could help if they were in a binder of sorts and just a fun way to tell people how to use your equipment instead of doing a dumb sheet. And the story would probably stick in their head so they wouldn’t need to reference it the first month they lived as my roommate. But there are some remotes that do adjust based on what you want to do. I have one! You tell it what ‘type’ of activity you want to do and it reconfigures the buttons/screens.

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