Reflect via photos

So this week was interesting to practice all my photo skills and imagination. I knew this week might be a little harder than others so I took a look early and tried to plan out how I would accomplish everything. The photoshop pieces would be the hardest for me since I am still learning that program but overall I enjoyed it. The practice of becoming a better photographer was interesting and got me out and about on my street. I wasn’t kidding when I say lots of people take photos on my street in the fall so I looked like a normal tourist but it is my hood. The five photo story really tested my imagination and what I could come up with on photos presented to me. The photo safari was fun and I just realized one of my photos was really something like a safari when you think about the elephants. The two visual assignments from the bank of ideas were interesting. The color splash assignment gave me an excuse to buy the app I have wanted for a while. At 99 cents how can you complain? For the historical selfie it was fun to think who I wanted to come up with and being the sci-fi person I am, Albert Einstein was great. For the story I thought about how my roommate struggled when he first moved into my apartment and had to learn how to use my tv remote. It was hopeful he was watching a show as I was thinking of my next story.
So there you go, another week done and some interesting stories come out. I hope everyone enjoyed watching the street and inside of my house come alive. I feel I really got the hang of all the assignments and put some thought into what I would do via photos. The titles were a little harder to come up with this week but I think I still did them justice. Oh and hope everyone noticed I was still able to carry through the idea of escaping via tv, different views of your home/street, and just everything else I put out this week.

All these photos made me think of the song by Lady Gaga “Paparazzi”, well not the killing your boyfriend part but all the photos and media.


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3 responses to “Reflect via photos”

  1. ctwilker says :

    After I posted the Lady Gaga photo I started to watching some of her stuff and it reminded me of someone that is an artist in all sense from visual, to audio, and stories. ha!

  2. CogDog says :

    Wow, I am impressed that you had a theme to your work, that totally works! And while I am not a fan of the Lady (no criticism of her music, I just don’t have it in my playlists), that is a great frame for how to look at visual media.

    You have a solid effort done for the assignments, and hopefully a good understanding of how to go about them– that’s mostly what you will be doing for the rest of the class

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