Six words are enough after all

For this week you should complete two ds106 design assignments, each should be posted to your blog, appropriately tagged and categorized.

For my second design assignment I decided to do the Six word memoir idea and really thought long and hard on how I would tell my life’s story if I only had six words. And I decided I would use the following words:
Life = journey. Choose happiness and positivity.
This perfectly sums up how I have lived my life and try to do every day. No one is perfect but it is how I choose to go about every day. I had some other words but kept these. I cheated a little with the equal sign but it counts! I thought about having those words with a person at a fork in the road.

Six Word Memoir

Six Word Memoir

Now here is how that concept came out in an image with text. Unlike the first assignment I knew I wanted to use PowerPoint to create my idea since I am so much more comfortable with it and could do what I had in mind. I blame this on being a consultant and having so much time spent in PowerPoint. I got the text with shadow effect done first. I thought it kind of spoke the reflection of my words on a life time. Also how life mirrors what you think. Next I was starting to create some arrows to show different paths but peeked at the clip art and found something even better with the man and path image. So I went about putting them together and had the text layer on front and the image on back. I like it!


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3 responses to “Six words are enough after all”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    You’ve done everything to the letter on this assignment, introduced it, explained it, showed it, and described the how you did it. It fits well for all I know of you given your previous posts and mountain top images.

    For PowerPoint, its pretty good 😉 I cannot dictate software, but would hope you might stretch and expand beyond the tools you know, but there is no ding for that given you’ve executed the assignment well.

    I like the attempt to layer the text and the image, so it has more visual depth. The way the “L and “Y” hang outside on the first line bug me a little. I might have tried making the image larger, enough to fit the text in maybe above the sky portion. The symbolism of the reflection effect works well. I am not sure if PowerPoint does a drop shadow on text (that can help make it stand out) or a “stroke” effect (tracing edges of letters with a line to make the words stand out).

    But its a great memoir cover as is– just some suggestions.

    • ctwilker says :

      Thanks and I promise I will continue to get used to Photoshop. 🙂 And yes your ideas would just improve the concept and make it look more polished. I agree.

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