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Write a blog post that embeds at least three photos of different design elements you were able to identify. Include a summary of the elements and what makes them effective, or what may have made them better. Sometimes we can learn just as much from badly designs as we can from good ones! So feel free to include bad design implementations as examples to avoid.

This past weekend I went to New Bern, NC to see my niece for her birthday and knew I would have time to take some shots of NC to represent some of the design elements. So I printed out the topics and made sure I had it handy when I saw something that caught my eye. I took two friends with me so we end up going to Tryon Palace. As luck would have it the gardens were open and free to the public so here is my choice for symmetry.

Front of Tryon Palace

Front of Tryon Palace

Notice the main building of the palace is balanced but also the two wings (stables) that are on either side of the building also match with the white covered walk ways that connect to main building. So you have a perfectly balanced (minus the tree in the way) structure that is balanced on either side. It is really hits the mark in the windows, structures, and landscape being balanced, even the same number of chimney.

Next, I thought I the back of the building really had “minimalism & use of space” represented. The large open yard contrasts with the grand entrance. It is very minimal and not a lot of structures to speak of from the back. The yard just opens up and stretches all the way to the water. It is just very simple and would be great for events etc.

Back of Tryon Palace

Back of Tryon Palace

The last design element is typography but this came from my trip to Raleigh on Saturday night and Sunday. I took my friends to the Krispy Kreme I always went to in college 15 years ago.

Krispy Kreme Building in Raleigh

Krispy Kreme Building in Raleigh

The logo on the building caught my eye and actually shows a lot of other design items but first and foremost it is the font they choose. It is very stylized and strong but placed inside a simple graphical representation of their hat. The use of the K for Krispy and Kreme also adds to the great marketing and font use. The long sweeping line that carries from the K draws your eye across the rest of the words and makes it seem very symmetric. Also the other design element is the simple colors they use and minimal clutter. So right there that is like three or four I counted and this is an instantly recognizable logo/font/sign win for them. Not to mention I love their donuts and they have a cult following.

I hope you all enjoy the safari as much as I did. Oh! Before I go this was my fourth choice for an image but went with the other three. This one would be for balance and symetry again. Just for fun here it is photo from my trip but composed by the bars and garden in the background.

Garden Tryon Palace

Garden Tryon Palace


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3 responses to “Flashback Safari”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    You did well for using your location well. All three are well explained, I must suggest thinking more about other some of symmetry/balance then things being mirror like,a the video shows that was part of this week’s lesson.

    Your choice and observations for Krispy Kreme’s logo os good, but the photo makes it hard to see. I realize you may have used this on review of your photos, but we cannot really see the logo in the photo (it’s tiny).

    But you did well to be on the lookout, I liked that you prepared with a list to look for. that is a good strategy.

    • ctwilker says :

      You bring up a good point on the symmetry and balance. For the historic photos I could have zoomed out and showed the historic buildings beside the modern buildings that are behind it. Giving the balance. Or the folks in period outfits beside folks in modern clothes. That is just a first crack at rethinking it. 🙂
      And yes I realize what you mean now from the logo of the donut shop.

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