I have an alarming story to tell you

Write another blog post summarizing what you found that might or might not work for something that could use a story approach to make it more effective. Explain why you chose it. Even if you are not sure if it will work, keep the ideas going.

I was thinking about what my next story would be and saw the piece of paper under my alarm system that I left out for a guest that stayed last week. I have the basic instructions for how to set the alarm and commands. That got me to thinking how I might change the instructions into a story to make it more memorable. Right now when folks come to stay with me they are so nervous and keep that paper around for the whole time. But if I was to make the instructions into a story it could help people remember maybe and not get confused. I think I could make it a story told from the viewpoint of the alarm system as if they are welcoming a guest and are like the door man, letting them in and out of the building.

A quick search of youtube shows you that I am not alone. My alarm has stay and away which can confuse. Here is an example to see what it can be like to try to remember.


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7 responses to “I have an alarming story to tell you”

  1. chronicwndrlst says :

    What a great idea to not only storify the instructions but also have it come from the POV of the alarm system! I think personifying the system will go a long way into putting your guests at ease over using the alarm system.

  2. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    This is an excellent topic for the project- you have addressed the problem, found related content, and suggested a possible story angle.

  3. LRo says :

    I really like this idea too! It can be pretty funny if you make it from an alarm system’s angle. It also gives you a way to weave in other things like you may want to remind guests but feel badly leaving post-it notes around. For example: My friend Jo the dishwasher gets pretty hungry so he loves eating your dirty dishes and Lulu the clothes washer usually only needs about a cup of detergent to get your clothes nice and clean.

    • ctwilker says :

      Oh i love the idea of the other items in the house adding to the story. Even from the “turn off the lights” or “turn off the oven” type of thing.

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