The lake is calling me

Create a story made only of sound effects, the Sound Effects Story assignment — a story told in five or more different sounds.

This assignment will be interesting to think through a story without dialogue but the other examples worked well so I think I can do it. I like the alien one for sure but it did have a little bit of voices. So keeping with my theme of escaping, visiting Chicago, and excited about the weather I came up with my idea pretty fast. It helped the window was open in my friend’s apartment and he lives by the huge lake! So here is my story of hearing the sounds of spring calling you outside and the lake tempting you to come out and play. The story spine would go something like this:

Once upon a time there was a city that had long been frozen in a back winter. Every day, they saw nothing but white snow and wanted to spring to arrive! Until one day, spring finally arrived and everything thawed! Because of that, the birds came out and he was able to go on the lake and enjoy the nice weather. All is good with the world when he gets away and sits on the end of pier.

Here is my final file on leaving the house and going to the lake dock.

The files I used to construct it are below:
Birds chirping sound file:
Door closing sound file:
Lake waves:
Footsteps on a dock:

The image is my own that I took of the lake in Chicago outside my friends house that inspired my idea.

I thought the tool was a little confusing at first but it worked well once I figured out you had to shift the sound files around and the layering. Here is my image of me having the files ready and starting to edit in Audacity. Not bad software and free!

Editing Sounds

Editing Sounds


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3 responses to “The lake is calling me”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    A very well done sound effects story, and all your steps shown well. It’s good to see how your experience in Chicago was used to inspire the story idea, and that town certainly knows how to make Spring pretty after a long cruel winter.

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