911 emergency! I don’t have shorts.

I find picking the assignments from the bank can be fun and interesting if you go a few pages into the list. This time I found one for doing a mock 911 call and recording it.

But in the spirit of the layering ideas the professor wants us to do. I decided to add in sound effects to make it more polished.

The story is me in Chicago with only pants and the weather decides to get up to 75 degrees. So this 911 call is me wanting someone to fix this problem and get me some shorts, Stat! The EMS voice is showing how they find me when they finally arrive and I am getting angry.

The image file is my photo of downtown Chicago showing clear skies with the temperature only starting to rise as I realize I only have pants.

Voices: I do both speaking parts using my iphone to record the voice files. I created two to help me layer. Those file types were not supported so I just recorded directly into the audacity software.
Telephone call file: http://freesound.org/people/Razzvio/sounds/79568/
EMS voice: http://freesound.org/people/nnus/sounds/127331/
Software used to compile: Audacity
Overall I really liked this assignment and found it fun to come up with a story and piece it together. I hope you enjoy!


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7 responses to “911 emergency! I don’t have shorts.”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    Oh I think you had fun here. Too much fun.

    The iPhone records m4a files, and may require another codec to import if you do not use a Mac computer. You might use a web tool like https://cloudconvert.org/ to convert the files to something like WAV or AIF that you can import into Audacity.

    I like how you chose your own assignment.

  2. cew5x says :

    Hilarious! Nothing like being stuck away from home without the right clothes 🙂 To this sound novice, I liked how you spliced the effects with your voice, esp. the 911 dispatcher.

    • ctwilker says :

      Thanks. I needed something that showed my fun side and it was an emergency to not have shorts in nice weather! so it fit well into my life. 🙂 I had a hard time finding a good phone ring sound but it worked out.

  3. bcodelson says :

    This is great. Love the voices and good use of the other sounds (phone ringing and dispatcher.)

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