Chi-town sure was loud

You would think each week has me in a new city and that would be true the last two weeks. This week I was in Chicago for work and needed to do my assignments while in either a hotel room or a friend’s house. So that was an adventure but I was up for it!

First up was the creation of my account and that was super easy. I even got to do my first sound upload for it and thought it was a breeze. I did use my iphone to create the file since it is something that is easy to do and fast!

Next up was my sound effect story that was a little harder to do because I had to think of the story I wanted to tell! But my surroundings gave me a great idea and I just ran with the spring weather and lake idea. The software, Audacity, was easy enough to use and I figured it out.

The Charlie Chaplin Foley assignment was a little harder to do in a hotel room and being in one spot to record everything in one take was hard. However, I figured it is not meant to be perfect but show that I am trying. So that’s what everyone got!

The audio assignment bank were not filled with a lot I wanted to do but I finally found the mock 911 call idea and loved. That concept goes with my silly humor and I know I really did want shorts badly with the nice weather!

The story idea came to me with all the touring around I did and the great stories my friend gave me. That also means others might not know the stories so why not share!

I got a lot of good comments from the professor on getting more detailed on the images and concepts. I am still waiting on some additional audio comments and plan to update this when I have them. I saw others were doing a great job on the sounds. I like how some were doing screen shots with numbers on the clips to help explain. I should try that next time for mine.

Overall, I think this was a good week but not as easy as images since making sounds is very technical and not second nature to me like images. But I tried and got better!

And here is a nice remix to get you excited for summer!


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2 responses to “Chi-town sure was loud”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    You did a lot this week with being on the road and taking on new software! That toddling town provided a lot of ideas. Great work this week AGAIN

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