Making sounds is hard!

Write a blog post that includes an embedded version of your foley recording. Include your list of brainstormed sounds and the objects or methods used to create the sounds. What was the experience like?

So this assignment really sounds fun to create the sound effects for a film. I have actually done this one other time but with music at the Museum of Moving Image in NYC where you got to dub over a movie with a different soundtrack to show the difference music makes in movies. If you have never been it is amazing and one of my favorite museums in the world.

Back to this assignment, I got a lot of good insights from the clips the professor provided and realized with the objects I had in my hotel room this was going to be a little harder than if I was back in my house. Not only that but doing it all in one take was crazy sounding. Since my birthday is in July I got the first 30 seconds of the movie. I copied down the following list of actions that would need sounds and the ideas I thought of to create them:


Actions/Objects needing sound Used to generate sound
Charlie running Me running in place with shoes on.
Charlie and horse running Me running in place and also hitting a wood door at same time with both hands alternating to make it sound like a horse
Charlie running up wooden stairs and horse running past Used door wood again.
Opening door and closing Opened and closed closet door
Steps in cage Walked on floor with shoes
Sleeping lion sound Breathed like I was asleep
Charlie Tip-toeing away Tip-toed on floor with shoes
Charlie touching door and pushing Touched the wood door to bathroom
Wooden latch falling Dropped an object on counter top
Sleeping lion Breathed like I was asleep


Here is my final clip:

As you can see it wasn’t exactly spot on but I feel this is the best I can do with the limits of a hotel room and only one take where you can’t mix different sounds later. It is a lot harder than I thought, even when practicing. Overall, it all worked minus the door slamming didn’t get picked up by my microphone but that is as best I could do since all the rest of the objects were around my bathroom. After all that work I want to say I now think the folks that do Foley should get a lot of credit. It is exhausting to think what is next and how to do it and well be creative. They are great at what they do and should get lots of love.


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5 responses to “Making sounds is hard!”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    You are way too harsh a self critic- the whole idea is to see how you can make the sounds with what you have at hand, not to be perfect. Well done!

  2. cew5x says :

    You get extra credit for doing it in a hotel room! I wonder if your neighbors were wondering what you were up to…

    • ctwilker says :

      I actually thought the same thing since I had to do it a few times to make sure I had the right sounds before I recorded. So they heard random sounds for a little bit for sure.

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