Tell me a story about Chicago, Mr River.

For my next thought on something in the real world that could use a story I was reminded how fun it is to have a friend play tour guide when you are in a city. This past week I was in Chicago and a friend was taking me around the Magnificent Mile telling me about all the rich history. The sad thing was the lack of posts around the river that would explain exactly what she was telling me. So what if we took the river and buildings around it and made a story about it? This one would be biographical and tell the story of Chicago from the point of view of the river. You could take a bunch of different routes with this from either beginning of time to present, just the industrial revolution to now, or just present day, etc. All these would allow for you to tell what is around you that you are seeing and some history. The full story could be in a book and/or divided up among the river on posts so folks can read about it.
I even found a video on youtube that looks like an advertisement for the area already. So folks can see the value in marketing this and just giving it a different twist with my story.


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9 responses to “Tell me a story about Chicago, Mr River.”

  1. chronicwndrlst says :

    I love this idea of storifying historical facts when there is limited or no signage available. I like added value of having it come from the point of view (POV) of the river. After all, the river is the one constant observer and participant of history over the years. Perhaps the river can personify both historic and ordinary people as it tells the stories (e.g. Great Chicago Fire, Obama’s 2008 election, etc.)

    • Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

      I like these ideas too. It is fun to think about how you personify a trver, what kind of voice you give it (check out some of the sound effects you can do in Audacity, like shifting the pitch lower or maybe adding reverb or echo)

    • ctwilker says :

      I am glad you thought it was good too. It could be a fun way to tell the historical facts. And yes that single point of view gives it a great view over time.

  2. cew5x says :

    You would have to include dyeing it green on St. Patrick’s day!

  3. ctwilker says :

    Glad you like it bcodelson 🙂 as it does sound fun to come up with voices but also the mobile application to walk around and listen.

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