Matrix, oh how I love thee after all these years.

Write up a blog post that includes the embedded clip, and the notes you made in the three views of the scene. Did you notice anything new by minimizing one of your senses?

I must admit I was a little worried about the assignment to analyzing a famous scene from a movie. These are scenes that tons of people know and love so it is with care I decided to do the Matrix clip.
Matrix: Birth of the chosen one

I remember being so amazed by this movie when it first came out and how fresh and new everything it did felt. I know this will be one of those movies that just stays with you forever. So without further redo here is my notes on the three views of the scene that I did, I hope you like it.

Without Sound: The scene starts with just a door on the left which is on the negative side and on the right is darkness. So your focus is on the door that is on the negative side. Overall, there is not a lot of light which is telling of something bad going to happen. When the door opens Agent Smith (bad guy) is on the left and Neo (good guy) is on the right which further aligns to the negative on left and positive on right that Roger Ebert talks about in How to Read a Movie. There are a lot of camera cuts from character to character and lower and upper body. It has a way of focusing the scene on the two men and the gun fire. Also the Agent was in the foreground when he shot and Neo was in the background showing that the Agent was more dominate in this section of scene. When the scene cuts to the hallway again you see Neo on the Right as he is shot and Agent Smith is on the left that is doing the shooting. There are some nice up close camera views of the gun to show it in a dominating fashion. There is another cut to the ship where the characters outside the matrix are and Trinity is looking over Neo. As Neo dies he falls down and to the left implying the death and negative consequences that would cause. Lots of great cuts from the hallway to the ship and the Agents coming from different sides of the hallway to check on Neo. As we look at Neo dying on the table in the ship you can see his face is bathed in light as if to convey hope. When Neo is alive the alignment of characters get out of whack but since Neo is nearest to the room, phone, and light it still grounds us in the purpose of him verse the Agents that are bad. The fight scene is great with the slow motion and camera angle changes as Agent comes at him down the hallway. Actually the whole fight happening in the hallway was a nice touch to focus us on a small playing field where we could only focus on the characters and fight.

Sound only: Dramatic sounds start off then lighter sound and the sound of the bullet dropping. Then total silence and the phone ringing as the shots fire. Music was light and then rising as the phone continues to ring. The heart monitor sound is dramatic to denote the passing of the character but the phone continues to ring. The sound climaxes with lasers, voices but then silence (no ringing) and just the voice of Trinity. We are forced to focus on her voice with light music before the volume/sounds start to climax until you hear the heart beat monitor and the phone ringing again. The music tacks over and no dialogue as the bullets are fired by the agents. You hear the music imply almost god like angel call. The fight scene is dramatic with the music playing and the sounds of punches. Then only music as it builds towards him jumping into the agent and followed by God like music again. The electronic sounds that play when the Agent explodes is a nice touch to imply matrix.

Sound and Video: Now as I watch it I am more a tuned to the phone ringing in the Matrix and how it doesn’t in the ship. It helps ground you to which reality we are watching unfold. I hadn’t thought of that the first time but the lasers are a constant sound in the real world. I hadn’t really heard the god like music that plays when Neo comes back alive. The audio track and video play well together to give you the dramatics and climaxes of action that are happening. Also in more serious scenes the lack of audio focuses the mind on the statements.

I must admit since I have gone to the Museum of Moving Image these concepts were not new to me but I still enjoyed watching the hard work that went into the audio and visual elements that made up this movie scene. I always thought they did so a great job in the mix of the two for the Matrix. Heck who can forget the 360 stop motion video angles they basically patented in this movie.


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