There are a lot of people telling stories!

Write another blog post summarizing what you saw in other students’ project ideas or what suggestions you made that focused on adding the story element.

I was glad to get a break from coming up with story ideas for the final project and instead helping comment on others. I honestly wasn’t sure I could come up with another idea since I like some of my others already. So here goes my thoughts on what others have come up with on their stories.

This story on problem solving tool was very thoughtful in taking a present issue and making a story that could be told to the buyer. The thing that struck me and I offered as a comment was the idea of the buyer having different personalities. So you could tailor your solution pitch to them if they needed more data, less data, etc. It could add a fun story telling piece for the consultant to use to help follow up on the live story that unfolds as you pitch your first story.

Next I was interested in the fact that when we first started some of the ideas folks had were raw. I provided some comments on how to take something that seems easy, eating healthy, can be hard when you add in food labels or BMI. I hope that helps flip the idea of how something might have tons of stories to one where you can focus in on a new story.

The idea of doing a baptism was very interesting. Especially as a Southern Baptist raised kid from NC! I liked the ideas of different angles but also offered up the idea of the ‘backstory’ that got them into the waters. So you do a story of what they did to get to this point and why they are doing it. That could help others understand why it is important for them to do it.

Overall good ideas from the class and interesting ways folks are thinking this assignment through. I think that was part of what I liked is how different people took different angles with their story. That gave me some ideas on how I can make my story just a story about something that happened. It does not have to be something that is a step-by-step process.


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