And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going without my NUTS!

For this two week segment you should complete two more ds106 video assignments, each should be posted to your blog, appropriately tagged and categorized. All videos should have an opening and closing title/credits sequence.

I was trying to think what assignments to do this week that would make me laugh and be interesting to make. This one about making a normal scene sound like a chipmunk when you speed it up was great. I decided to take an iconic song in Dream Girls that Jennifer Hudson sings and turn it into a chipmunk version. First the song is sung slow and takes a while to build up so it was perfect. Not only that but everyone knows it so it would also get a laugh. I went to YouTube to find a video clip of her singing it and downloaded it using Next I use my movie editing software to play around with the speed. At first I made it 4x but you couldn’t make out the words so I toyed around and settled on 1.75X. I then added a title and closing credits, put in some transitions at front and after/before each text that comes in. Finally, I played it and laughed at my work. Oh and I am a big fan of the Chipmunk movies too so this is great way to do my own version too. Hope you enjoy!

My changed one where she is only thinking like a chipmunk that wants her nuts is here:

The original is this clip here in case you want it:

Screen shot of my video editing:

Screen Shot of Video Editing

Screen Shot of Video Editing

Not bad overall right? Was interesting concept.

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