Charlie the Animal Whisper!

Write up a blog post embedding your new version of the story. Explain where the idea came from, and include reference URLs for all media you used. Also include a screen shot of your video editing interface.

I knew this assignment would be challenging and it lived up to it. Talk about using all we have learned in one homework assignment! I was able to download the files just fine using and also soundcloud to get all the files. I used moviemaker on my laptop to edit the movie and audacity to do the sound track because it was easier to work with the files. I also found my singing lion on YouTube
My story for this Charlie Chaplin reimagined is he is an ‘animal whisper’ that can talk to animals via his mind. He has found himself in a circus full of crazy animals that are either super excited to talk to him (horse and dog) or mostly bored with him (lion). The woman in the story does not get that he can talk to animals telepathically and is confused. However, in the end the lion gets tired of him interrupting his sleep, is a little playful and sings that he is sleeping, and then yells at him to leave him alone. This scares Charlie and he runs out and up a pole. But everything is fine and he comes down.

I hope you like it! Here it is:

I couldn’t have done all this without my source files used. Here you go!

Sound files

Original video clips

Screen showing my movie editing:

Video Editing screen shot

Video Editing screen shot

Overall it was a good experience and great use of Movie Maker. However, I think it would have been easier with a better movie editing software like Apple has but I can only do what I have free on laptop. The sound piece was hardest and the titles.
Not bad for my first time if I say so myself!


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3 responses to “Charlie the Animal Whisper!”

  1. Alan Levine (@cogdog) says :

    That’s a great concept for the story. That singing lion creeps me out a bit; the segment might have been a tag longer, and could have used something to make the transition more linked to the story (even another word screen). Solid editing effort to incorporate and sync the foley files

    • ctwilker says :

      Thanks and glad you enjoyed the concept. I actually like that the singing lion creeped you out since it was a dream like mind meld and odd. 🙂 But agreed on the transition from end of song to the story again. Thanks for the compliment on the editing!

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