I may just go to Hollywood after all!

Weekly Summary Checklist

The last 2.5 weeks have been crazy when you think about all we had to do and what we did as a class. I finished final week off with some computer issues but finally got it all under control and finished all the assignments. From other posts I was not alone but such is life. I still had fun doing all the assignments. Speaking of let’s recap what I did this week.

The Reading the movies assignment was very interesting. I never thought about how placement or how a director can use unspoken things to influence how a movie unfolds. After reading through all the insights by Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” it made sense that it could work that way. Reading about other techniques was interesting too. I for sure relate to finding mistakes in the shots from scene to scenes and I got to sum it all up in a blog about it too.

Next the Look, Listen, and Analyze assignment was interesting as well. It helped me when I got to review the Matrix and watch/listen to it three times and come up with my thoughts on it. The one downside to this assignment is the amount of time you watch it starts to influence what you think you should say but overall it was a good exercise in seeing how it all comes together.

I must admit the assignment that took me the longest was the Foley assignment and it was just getting my PC to do everything I wanted and lots of watching video tips or searching google. But I finally got through it and learned that doing the assignment on a Mac was probably easier. Too bad I do not have one. Stupid Microsoft! I do have to admit it came out okay after all. Hopefully people like my story about him talking to animals!

The two assignments we got to pick this week were so varied and awesome to put together. I got to do my own chipmunk video and tap into my childhood memories of watching the cartoon. Next I got to practice using the new Vine App and creating a video that way. The think about that app is you lose some of your editing but you have to be very smart in how you lay everything out and your script/sequence. So crazy that kids are doing that type of video creation more and more.

I was glad to take a break and look at other people’s ideas for their final projects and provide feedback. Lots of creative people in our class and good ideas.

Overall these last 2.5 weeks were great and scary at the same time but glad I got through them. I have never been late to publish all my homework assignments before but this needed extra time. I didn’t want to rush and not do something well. Also the computer issues really held me up. But overall I am proud of what I did!

So glad it is over and done!!


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